The Spirits’ Book 100 hours

After you have studied The Spirit’s Book, you will no longer have any reason to fear death. The Spirit’s Book will provide you with the answers to nearly all the questions you may have with regards to the origin, nature and destiny of each and every soul on Earth – and those of other worlds as well. It also address the issues of God, creation, moral laws and the nature of spirits and their relationships with humans. The book contains answers that were dictated to mediums by highly evolved spirits who love God.

The Spirit’s Book is the initial landmark publication of Spiritism and has made a profound impact on the thought and view of life of a considerable portion of humankind since the first French edition was published in 1857.

Where: 100% online via Zoom

When: Tuesdays

Time: 7:30pm to 08:30pm

Commencing  October 2022  (limited places)

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Preface and Introduction

  • Anna Blackwell’s preface to her version
  • Preface to the Revised Edition
  • Introduction
  • Prolegomena

10hrs. 30min.


First Causes

Chapter I : God

  • God and the Infinite
  • Proofs of the Existence of God
  • The Attributes of the Divinity
  • Pantheism

1hr. 30min.

Chapter II : The General Elements of the Universe

  • The Knowledge of the Origin of Things
  • Spirit and Matter
  • The Properties of Matter
  • Universal Space

1hr. 30min.

Chapter III : Creation

  • The Formation of Worlds
  • The Formation of Living Beings
  • The Peopling of the Earth: Adam
  • The Diversity of Human Races
  • The Plurality of Worlds
  • Biblical Considerations and Account concerning the Creation

1hr. 30min.

Chapter IV : The Vital Principle

  • Organic and Inorganic Beings
  • Life and Death
  • Intelligence and Instinct

1hr. 30min.


The Spirit World or the World of Spirits

Chapter I : Spirits

  • The Origin and Nature of Spirits
  • The Primitive Normal World
  • The Form and Ubiquity of Spirits
  • The Perispirit
  • The Different Orders of Spirits
  • The Spirit Hierarchy
  • The Progression of Spirits
  • Angels and Demons

4hrs. 30min.

Chapter II : The Incarnation of Spirits

  • The Purpose of Incarnation
  • The Soul
  • Materialism

1hr. 30min.

Chapter III : The Return from the Corporeal to the Spirit Life

  • The Soul after Death; Its Individuality. Eternal Life
  • The Separation of the Soul from the Body
  • The Spirit’s State of Confusion after Death

1hr. 30min.

Chapter IV : The Plurality of Existences

  • Reincarnation
  • The Justice of Reincarnation
  • Incarnation on Different Worlds
  • Progressive Transmigration
  • The Fate of Children after Death
  • Gender in Spirits
  • Kinship, Affiliation
  • Physical and Moral Likeness
  • Innate Ideas

4hrs. 30min.

Chapter VI : Spirit Life

  • Errant Spirits
  • Transitional Worlds
  • Perceptions, Sensations and Sufferings of Spirits
  • Theoretical Essay on Sensation in Spirits
  • The Choice of Trials
  • Relationships beyond the Grave
  • Sympathies and Antipathies among Spirits. Eternal halves
  • The Remembrance of Corporeal Existence
  • The Commemoration of the Dead. Funerals

7hrs. 30min.

Chapter VII : The Return to Corporeal Life

  • Preludes to the Return
  • The Joining of the Soul with the Body. Abortion
  • The Moral and Intellectual Faculties of Humankind
  • The Influence of the Organism
  • Mental Impairment, Insanity
  • Childhood
  • Earthly Sympathies and Antipathies
  • Forgetfulness of the Past

4hrs. 30min.

Chapter VIII : The Emancipation of the Soul

  • Sleep and Dreams
  • Visits between the Spirits of Living Persons
  • The Concealed Transmission of Thought
  • Lethargy, Catalepsy. Apparent Death
  • Somnambulism
  • Ecstasy
  • Second Sight
  • A Theoretical Summary on Somnambulism, Ecstasy and Second Sight

4hrs. 30min.

Chapter IX : The Intervention of Spirits in the Corporeal World

  • The Reading of Our Thoughts by Spirits
  • The Concealed Influence of Spirits upon Our Thoughts
    and Actions
  • The Possessed
  • Convulsionaries
  • The Affection of Spirits for Certain Persons
  • Guardian Angels: Protector, Familiar and Sympathetic Spirits
  • Presentiments
  • The Influence of Spirits on the Events of Life
  • The Action of Spirits on the Phenomena of Nature
  • Spirits during Battle
  • Pacts
  • Occult Power, Talismans, Sorcerers
  • Blessings and Curses


Chapter XI : The Three Kingdoms

  • Minerals and Plants
  • Animals and Human Beings
  • Metempsychosis



Moral Laws

Chapter I : Divine or Natural Law

  • The Characteristics of Natural Law
  • The Origin and Knowledge of Natural Law
  • Good and Evil
  • The Divisions of Natural Law

1hr. 30min.

Chapter II : The Law of Worship

  • The Purpose of Worship
  • Outward Worship Forms
  • The Contemplative Life
  • Prayer
  • Polytheism
  • Sacrifice


Chapter III : The Law of Labor

  • The Necessity of Labor
  • The Limit of Labor. Rest


Chapter IV : The Law of Reproduction

  • The Global Population
  • The Succession and Perfection of the Races
  • Obstacles to Reproduction
  • Marriage and Celibacy
  • Polygamy


Chapter V : The Law of Preservation

  • The Self-Preservation Instinct
  • The Means of Self-Preservation
  • The Enjoyment of Material Things
  • Necessary and Superfluous Things
  • Voluntary Privation. Mortifications

1hr. 30min.

Chapter VI : The Law of Destruction

  • Necessary Destruction and Abusive Destruction
  • Destructive Calamities
  • War
  • Murder
  • Cruelty
  • Dueling
  • The Death Penalty


Chapter VII : The Law of Society

  • The Need for Societal Life
  • The Life of Isolation. The Vow of Silence
  • Family Ties


Chapter VIII : The Law of Progress

  • The State of Nature
  • The March of Progress
  • Relapsed Cultures
  • Civilization
  • The Progress of Human Legislation
  • Spiritism’s Influence on Progress

2hrs. 15min.

Chapter IX : The Law of Equality

  • Natural Equality
  • The Inequality of Aptitudes
  • Social Inequalities
  • The Inequality of Wealth
  • The Trials of Wealth and Poverty
  • Equality of Rights between Men and Women
  • Equality in Death

1hr. 30min.

Chapter X : The Law of Freedom

  • Natural Freedom
  • Slavery
  • Freedom of Thought
  • Freedom of Conscience
  • Free Will
  • Fatalism
  • Foreknowledge of the Future
  • A theoretical Summary on the Driving Force behind Human Actions

4hrs. 30min.

Chapter XI : The Law of Justice, Love and Charity

  • Justice and Natural Rights
  • The Right of Ownership. Theft
  • Charity and Love for Our Neighbor
  • Maternal and Filial Love

1hr. 30min.

Chapter XII : Moral Perfection

  • Virtues and Vices
  • The Passions
  • Selfishness
  • The Characteristics of a Moral Person
  • Self-Knowledge



Hopes and Consolations

Chapter I : Earthly Joys and Sorrows

  • Relative Happiness and Unhappiness
  • The Loss of Loved Ones
  • Disappointments. Ungratefulness. Broken Affections
  • Antipathetic Unions
  • The Fear of Death
  • Dissatisfaction with Life. Suicide

4hrs. 30min.

Chapter II : Future Joys and Sorrows

  • Nothingness. The Future Life
  • The Intuition of Future Joys and Sorrows
  • God’s Intervention in Punishments and Rewards
  • The Nature of Future Joys and Sorrows
  • Temporary Punishments
  • Expiation and Repentance
  • The Duration of Future Punishments
  • The Resurrection of the Flesh
  • Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

7hrs. 30min.



4hrs. 30min.